@How Indoor Plants Help Beat Streess

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Studies show, touching or smelling indoor plants helps lessen the mental and physical signs of stress. And the soil you pot your plants in contains microbes, which acts as natural antidepressants. Soil releases cytokines, which tells your grey matter to produce more serotonin; so being around the potting soil will lift your mood.


Yes, It’s a delicious flavour to add dimension to your dishes, but the smell of mint has shown to lessen feelings to frustation and encourage awareness.


Data shows getting a sweet whiff of jasmine can have more calming than valium.

Aloe vera

We all know it soothes sunburn and moisturises your skin. But this crafty plant can also keep the air free of carcinogens, and emits oxygen at night.


A new study found inhaling lavender scent for ten minutes remarkbly affects your nervous system. It’s also excellent for PMS and depression.


Brilliant to cook with, this herb also contains linalool, which reduces the activity of genes that go into full throttle mode in stressfull circumstances.


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