'My Dharma - The Documentary' is a collaboration between Dharma Bums and Italian filmmaker, Alessandro Sigismondi.

Over a period of six months Alessandro travelled to London, Dubai and finally to India to film, photograph and interview international renowned Yogis from different Yoga traditions. They practiced Asana on camera and shared their personal stories of how Yoga had come in to their lives, what it meant to them and how it transformed them for the better.

To find out more about the project visit the documentary's website.


My Dharma - Teacher Trailers

Aline Fernades
Yogi and Model - Brazil
Laruga Glaser
Yogi - U.S.A. / Sweden
Deepika Mehta
Yogi - Inida
Hayley Cutler
Kundalini Yogi - U.K.
Kino MacGregor
Yogi - U.S.A.
Jessica Olie
Yogi - Dubai

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