We source our recycled fabric from post-consumer water bottles from Taiwan. Why Taiwan? They lead the way in recycling with 55% of their waste is recycled. The country faced a very big issue with waste, the government recognized the threat this posed to the planet and the people and have led the way to transforming Taiwan into one of the world leaders in recycling.

The factory we use is government certified. This means it is trusted to implement the correct safe processes to resell the plastic. It also means the accountability standards are high. Many factories selling the recycled fabric will use brand new bottles rather than post-consumer bottles. Why? It is cheaper to do this. We wanted to partner with a factory that shared our vision for making garments without destroying the planet. We wanted a partner that had the same high standards we have, that was accountable and certified.

The post-consumer bottles are prewashed and cleaned of any trash and debris. They then go through a sorting machine where beams of light detect and sort them by either green or clear plastic. They then have a hot soapy bath that is just warm enough to get rid of any labels and caps.

The bottles are then ground into flake-sized pieces. They are then washed again, dried and heated to eliminate any contaminants. They then take the form of small pellets.

The small pellets are delivered to our spinning mill. They are heated once more to turn them into super fine threads and spun together with the yarn which makes it way to our knitting factory.

The process uses 85% less energy to produce than most other garments

It produces 50% less CO2 emissions

Our recycled fabric is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, the world’s leader in testing fabrics to regulate harmful substances.

They make sure all our garments are body friendly and contain no harmful chemicals.

Ponder this: for every 16-18 PET bottles we can make one pair of leggings.
Well drink to that!

We wanted to find the eco-friendliest way of printing our leggings. All our prints are sublimation printed. This is better for the planet as it uses less water and electricity than any other printing method. It also has minimal waste. We then went a step further and made sure all the paper used for this process is recycled and all the dyes are ecofriendly J-TECK certified dyes.

Our solid colour garments are dyed using eco-friendly dyes. We wanted to ensure we did this with minimal impact on the planet. We teamed up with the best mills who make sure any water used is cleaned up to 40 times before it is released back into the waterways making sure nothing is polluted.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer support team

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