Our Story
Our Story

Born to be worn, Dharma Bums clothing has been conceived with love, care and passion.

Created by our founders Debbie Lawson and Mat Guthrie, our journey began in 2013 on the beaches of Sydney, Australia when Debbie made her dream of creating beautifully engineered active and yoga wear that was ethically made a reality.

Fashion designer turned yogi, Debbie felt the yoga and activewear clothing available and the practices used to manufacture it didn’t align with the values she had come to embody through her own yoga practice. Inspired by a desire to do better Dharma Bums was created.

Our exclusive spirit – and style

A Dharma Bum doesn’t take life too seriously… but is serious about making sure the impact they have on the world is a positive one! Like us you do what you love and you live life in happiness and harmony. So we’ve designed and created every garment with this spirit. We spend hours on the style and detail of each garment, on the print, design and the colour. It’s exclusive to us; a part of who we are – and we hope it will become part of you, too.

Our brand is inspired by the stunning setting and scenery of the Sydney beaches where we are based. The talented Dharma Bums designers create each design from a fresh beginning, exclusively for you.

Our Journey

Uncompromising on being ethical… and in our quality

From day one, our vision was for each unique garment to empower both those who wear them and those that make them – and that means focusing as much on the people as the garments themselves. From origination to creation, Dharma Bums has an unwavering commitment to ethical supply chains and quality in every stitch.

From the beginning we have built relationships with small Australian factories that believe in what we do. They are committed to quality and, importantly, are ethically certified. We still work with these same factories today. As we have grown we have brought in new partners that share our values, all certified by internationally independent bodies who audit their operations and are all BSCI accredited.

Australia and beyond

Our journey began in Australia, and it is still the beating heart of our business. The local supply chain we work with are all certified with ‘Ethical Australia’, from the printers to the cutters and the makers.

Since the start of 2017 we have searched hard for partners true to our vision for ethically made products, and we have been able to expand the Dharma Bums team into China. Their ethical vision is inspiring, with BSCI accredited facilities audited twice a year, and inspected by the Dharma Bums team on a similar schedule.

The BSCI code of conduct has 11 principles aimed at making the garment making industry a fair and safe place to work. Transparency is important to us, and we think you should know and understand where their clothes are made.

Ethical AustraliaBSCI

11 Principles of the BSCI Code Of Conduct

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
No Discrimination
Occupational Health and Safety
Decent Working Hours
Special Protection for Young Workers
Fair Remuneration
No Child Labour
No Bonded Labour
Ethical Business Behaviour
Protection of the Environment
No Precarious Employment

Unwavering commitment to our environment

We know that our business activity, from the energy used to run our offices to the dying and packaging of our garments, leaves a footprint on the Earth. We are working conscientiously to continue to reduce our footprint.

The Dharma Bums brand is inspired by the world around us, and we intend to take care of it.

The sustainability of our fabrics

We continue to work hard searching for fabrics that can tick both the ethical and sustainable boxes. We are already working with recycled nylon, organic cottons and sustainable bamboo. We will be expanding our use of the bio-textile modal (made from rayon and viscose) as well as biodegradable fabrics.

We are committed to increase our mix of sustainable and recycled fabrics over the next 24 months.

Prints and colour

Prints are an integral part of our clothing collection. Our printed leggings are printed using a dye process called sublimation. This avoids the contamination of waterways.

We are constantly exploring other avenues of sustainability. You’ll find our principles at work in the paper we use in our receipts to that in our packaging. We recycle all of our ink cartridges, and you can be sure that recycled and organic products are used in our bathroom and cleaning products. These are all small things, but it is the small things that when done regularly help change the world.

If you have a question we have not answered please send us an email at customerservice@dharmabums.co.uk