This is Fashion Revolution Week


What is Fashion Revolution week?

Fashion Revolution was Bourne out of the collapse of Rana Plaza Factory In Bangladesh. It claimed 1100 lives. The building was known to be unsafe, warnings were ignored. This ignited a fashion revolution demanding we find a better way to make clothes. A way that ensured the safety and rights of all workers involved in the garment industry.

Dharma Bums was created out of a desire to make a difference in how clothing was made. We want to empower not just the person who wears our product but those he make it. We stand with Fashion Revolution and are committed to making ethically and honouring the rights of all people involved in our supplier chain to ensure they:

Our garments are made in Australia, where all of our factories here are certified by Ethical Australia. To find out more about this accreditation please hit the link.

BSCIEthical Clothing Australia

A smaller percentage of our garments are made in China where all of our factories are BSCI certified. To find out more about BSCI certification please click the link abve. All of our factories are audited by third Party accredited organisations to ensure they are compliant with terms and regulations set out in these accreditations.

We are committed to making a difference and you should to. Ask the question #whomademyclothes.

To find out more about our ethical stance read Our Story
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