Unwavering Commitment to our Environment

We know that our business activity, from the energy used to run our offices to the dying and packaging of our garments, leaves a footprint on the Earth. We are working conscientiously to continue to reduce our footprint. The Dharma Bums brand is inspired by the world around us, and we intend to take care of it.

The Sustainability of our Fabrics

We continue to work hard searching for fabrics that can tick both the ethical and sustainable boxes. We are already working with recycled nylon and organic cottons. We will be expanding our use of the bio-textile modal (made from rayon and viscose) as well as biodegradable fabrics.

We are committed to increase our mix of sustainable and recycled fabrics over the next 24 months.

Lenzing Modal® is a soft and luxurious fabric derived from sustainably sourced raw beech wood. Modal fibres can be reverted back into nature as they are certified as compostable and biodegradable.

Sourced from the USA, Pima Cotton is a luxurious cotton made from extra long fibres, meaning this all-natural cotton is more durable and softer than regular cotton. With a silk-like handle and luxe lustre, it’s has an extra-refined quality.

On a mission to expand our use of bio-textile modal and biodegradable fabrics, our colour and printing is also minimal impact. All our prints are produced with eco-friendly, sublimation printing: less water, electricity and waste. All paper is recycled, our dyes are non-toxic, and the water we use is cleaned up to 40 times to protect against pollution.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer support team